HCAMS For Healthcare Providers

Behind Schedule? Full waiting room? If you are frustrated by managed care, short stays, or revolving door treatment obstacles for dependencies HCAMS is a “single-point contact” that provides no-cost, confidential case management directly to patients with addictions, eating, mood, anxiety and stress disorders. A lifeline for struggling individuals and families, we access the best in behavioral health in-patient and out-patient programs, and pursue the length of stay necessary to start significant transformation.

Healthcare providers

If the client denies the problem and/or resists getting help—a very common response in behavioral health and substance abuse matters—HCAMS will assist in organizing an intervention. We will teach those who participate—generally family members, physicians or medical staff and friends—to offer evidence of the problem in order to break down the denial and move the person into accepting help. Immediately following the intervention, HCAMS will facilitate the placement of the patient in an appropriate treatment program.

Learn how to set up an intervention.

HCAMS provides education and designs a course of out-patient and/or in-patient care. The service providers for this care are recommended on the basis of the client’s needs, circumstances and resources available.

HCAMS contacts the insurance provider to determine certification and pre-admission procedures, network providers, and treatment coverage. HCAMS provides medical verification to justify valid admissions and supplies documentation to substantiate the need for treatment and aftercare.

If the recommended care is not covered by insurance, we provide information about admission opportunities to charitable and indigent care facilities. If the client is without insurance, we provide information about public funding that may be available.

Case supervision is an important component of our services. Both the clinical care and the client’s progress need to be monitored (job protective services are available upon request). Once the in-patient care is complete, the client will need an aftercare plan. HCAMS will assist with the implementation and monitoring of that plan.

Training and Consultations

Medical office personnel are often the first to learn that a patient is struggling with addiction or other behavioral health disorders. We offer those personnel, as well as treating professionals, information on symptoms, brief interventions, insurance issues, and HCAMS services.