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HealthCare Assistance with Member Support, LLC, (HCAMS) provides services to individuals with substance abuse and other behavioral health problems that are affecting their work, health and/or personal lives. Our services include assessment, intervention, treatment referrals and placement, case management, and recovery advocacy.

Training for Unions & Associations

HCAMS offers specialized training for Union Representatives on how to identify and help a member in crisis.

We deliver a high-quality overview on how to identify behavioral health and dependency issues impacting the workplace.

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Who HCAMS Helps

  • Unions

     HCAMS works with union representatives and the affected member. It is both the nature of union representation to help those at risk on the job. We recommend a course of action, follow up on the member’s care, and provide advocacy services.

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  • Healthcare Providers

    HCAMS can help develop a clinically appropriate treatment plan for patients who are dependent on substances or exhibit other behavioral health disorders.

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  • Families

    HCAMS provides the support and services to design and implement a treatment plan for your loved ones. Depending upon the stage of the situation, HCAMS will help develop the right approach for each individual in need of assistance.

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  • Attorneys

    HCAMS works with union and private attorneys to assist in reaching the best outcome for our clients. Utilizing federal and state laws and union contract obligations, we understand the best path to protect jobs and advance understanding of legislative Initiatives in your state.

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  • Churches

    Embracing recovery through the lens of scripture can mean the difference between sobriety and a life of losses. Churches are often the front line for individuals who do not know how to access the healthcare arena.

    HCAMS can help. We understand the important role faith plays in both identifying the problem and assisting in the resolution.

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Common Dependency Issues

• Are you or a loved one drinking before or at work?

• Are you self medicating with alcohol, prescription or non prescription drugs, food, sex or gambling?

• Are you taking unnecessary risks at home or at work?

• Are you treating stress or anxiety without the help of a doctor?

• Are you struggling with chronic absenteeism or lateness?

• Is job stress impacting your life?

• Do you suffer from sleeplessness due to stress?

• Chronic physical or emotional pain, Adolescent and/or family problems